Waypoint Management Services is a consultancy to be used as an aid for business management to reflect on current conditions of the business, take stock in organizational mission, construct a plan to refine progress toward its goals, and to secure means and methodology to realize these goals. 


We do objective information gathering, fact-based data interpretation, and collaborative course-correction.

No worthwhile journey is devoid of adversity, obstacles, or the need for occasional course correction. Often, we may not be aware that we have veered off course. 

Nighttime at an Iditarod Checkpoint Station

Nighttime at an Iditarod Checkpoint Station

All too often as business leaders, we are overly focused on solving what we perceive as our most pressing problems, and we lose sight of the mission. In nautical terms, we may be entirely involved in repairing a torn mainsail, and not realize that we have drifted off course until we pull our focus from the work at hand and look around. It is at times like these that we need a waypoint – something we recognize to ensure the path of our efforts. In business, some have called this the “forest for the trees” effect – i.e., we are unable to see the depth of forest because our vision is blocked by its trees that surround us. 


Waypoint can help you to pause, reflect, and reprioritize your efforts.

At other times, we may know full well that we are not meeting our goals, and we may have good evidence as to why. We know that a course correction is necessary, yet there is still the question of how best to get there. You need specific data, tools to accomplish the mission, and the support and buy-in of your organization. Through careful listening, data-driven analysis, management tools and collaborative methodologies with your people, the correction is within your reach. 

Waypoint can help boost your organization toward its desired goals.

Sometimes the market can throw us a curveball. Your customers are sensitive to price – as with any competitive industry. You thought you were managing your price to attract your target number of buyers (sales). But now you’re consistently getting beat. What changed? Are your costs not in line with your competitors? Why can’t your people see a way to lower their costs? You have to get to a lower price point, but how? Of course, these are all the right questions to ask. But, in order to find the right answers, perhaps you need to consider some independent analysis and verification. We are experts in cost analysis and identifying avoidable business waste.

Waypoint can help you reduce unnecessary costs in other areas to compensate for the unavoidable increase.

With excellent analytical skill and proven professional consultative experience, Waypoint Management Services is positioned to collaboratively provide your organization with the support you need.  We specialize in corporate strategy and alignment, productive growth, and effective, economical solutions.