Management Solutions

Organizational Strategy and Alignment

Your Business Strategy and Organizational Alignment are critical to the direction and momentum of your business.   Your company Mission, Vision, and Values should be at the core of any strategic plan.  Are your people aligned with your strategy and goals?  Do they know their Mission and where they fit in the grand view of your business?  You may have an opportunity to improve your company’s overall health and performance!

Waypoint works with you to refine and update your strategy and goals.  Then, we’ll work to communicate your Mission, Vision, and Values to encourage and support these goals – from the most senior to the newest employees.  Everybody knows the next right thing to do, and they will take pride in being a working part of something greater than themselves!  

Everybody wins.

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Lean Management Tools & Techniques

Lean management is an approach to operating an organization by systematically seeking to achieve small changes in processes in order to improve overall efficiency and quality.  It includes Visual Management queues, Continuous Improvement systems, Holistic perspective, and it builds faith and pride in your employees.

Waypoint knows Lean and the power of engaging its management systems.  A Lean organization invigorates and rewards everyone concerned – not least of all, your customers! 

Everybody wins.

Labor Productivity

Waste in the workplace is the number one killer of labor productivity – not the workers’ ability to perform.  Waste causes lost time, re-work, errors, confusion and frustration.

Waypoint diagnoses the waste, recognizes the obstacles, and delivers solutions to optimize your productivity.  You hired good people; let them do a good job for you. 

Everybody wins.

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Optimum Employee Compensation

Have you considered Pay for Performance?  What if you were to pay your employees based on their output and contribution to company goals?

Waypoint delivers compensation conversions that improve your business performance, reduces your costs, and increases customer and employee satisfaction.

Everybody wins.

Process Redesign

At its worst, a broken or poorly functioning business process can be crippling to an organization.  At best, even small process inefficiencies are a constant drain on your resources. 

Waypoint has the analytical skill and consultative experience to help your frontline managers excel!  Make a commitment to Continuous Process Improvement.

Everybody Wins.

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More Solutions...

Waypoint offers many other solutions and collaborative assistance for your organization.  What are your needs?  Your next step is a free consultation with us to flesh out some of your more pressing issues.  We will listen; we will discuss; and we will understand.  At no cost to you, we will propose real solutions.  Then you decide what next steps to take.

Everybody Wins.