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Waypoint is a Vermont company. We understand Vermont business.

Vermont is a unique state in our Union. Therefore, it follows that Vermont businesses must also be unique.  Interestingly though, our state politics are often seen as liberal by outsiders. Yet, the tendencies and practices of Vermont businesses are, by and large, conservative. In a word, we are apt to be independent:


  • We tend to hesitate in investment beyond the boundaries of our current business interests

  • Our "cutting edge" of technology is generally behind the curve

  • As employers, we prioritize hiring people that are familiar to us

  • And, in general, our business choices are risk-averse

Also unique to Vermont business, the "Vermont" brand is recognized worldwide as a desirable one, and we are proud to use it whenever we can in marketing strategies. We are a state that is famous for many brave cottage industries and small local farms that benefit from the Vermont Brand... and this is a good thing!

Among our predictable larger businesses such as healthcare institutions, educational institutions, resorts/hotels/conference centers, and utility companies, there exists a few home-grown, modest giants:

These successful companies reflect the values and benefits of Vermont with our connections to the outdoors, farming, and recreation. However, these companies have something else in common: they are outwardly thinking, willing to make business alliances, fair and good to their employees, and they remain true to Vermont. These are proven successful business strategies.

In between the large and the very small, we have many business working hard to achieve the next step or the next level in their business journey; and we know that Waypoint can help them get there.

Waypoint exists to help Vermont businesses to progress.